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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Nuclear Radioactive Carrots

A little while ago, we had a bit of difficulty with our cloth diapers. I haven't followed up on that here, but after following instructions to "strip" the oily diaper cream residue away, our Clothies have been pretty much back to normal. Somehow, Murphy's Law knows when it's night, however, and inexplicably, the diapers are more likely to leak at bedtime. I'm not talking middle of the night, I'm talking immediately after she's freshly diapered. Go figure. Anyway, I've taken to using disposables at night, just to save myself the headache of seven pajama/diaper/sheet changes a night. Seven might be an exaggeration. But not by much.

I figure even using the clothies during the day saves a bunch on disposables, but lately I've begun to see the end of the line for my cloth friends. Why you ask?


That's right. Nuclear Radioactive Carrots. Okay, they're not really toxic, or I wouldn't be feeding them to Evelyn. They are Happy Ordinary Carrots...on the way in. On the way out, it's an entirely different story, a story I won't go into in detail in case you're reading this while you eat breakfast. Or in case you ever want to enjoy a carrot again in your life. Let's just say, that the NR Carrots have signed the death warrant on the cloth diapers. Evie's tried rice cereal, applesauce, peaches, peas, squash, sweet potatoes, and bananas. Those we can handle. Carrots are another story.

We've had a good run, Clothies. No pun intended.


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