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Friday, January 2, 2009


If it weren't the end of the day it wouldn't have been so annoying.

Evie has been going to bed (and by this I mean, in her crib rather than the swing...she usually has a "pre-bedtime nap" that is in the swing around 7 or 8) around 10 and as late as 11ish lately. It's been working great and she sleeps basically through the night, usually waking once sometime between 3-7 am. Well, I started thinking that maybe this was putting her to bed too late, and tonight, when she was showing signs of sleepiness around 9, instead of doing the usual routine, I decided we'd start the bedtime ritual a tiny bit earlier.

Really, it might have turned out ok--I'll never know--because after 3 diaper changes, 3 outfit changes, and re-fitting the bed with sheets she was awake and I was exhausted.

I first noticed that her diaper had sprung a leak when I took her in to read a story. It was weird because it was really a fresh diaper. She'd only been in it maybe 20 minutes. I thought it was a fluke until it happened again. My first thought was that the liner in the cloth diapers was misaligned or something, and therefore wasn't doing the super job absorbing that I've come to expect. After the leak happened the second time I ruled this out. The problem was something much more sinister than a misaligned pad...

I'm pretty positive the diapers have lost their absorbency because of the diaper cream I've been using. I knew I wasn't supposed to use diaper rash cream with them, but I did anyway after a particularly ugly rash Evie got about a month and a half ago. I'd tried just changing her more frequently, but when it didn't seem to be getting better, I starting applying a cream. The cream did the trick, but at a price, obviously.


So here I am, 11:30 at night, with a load of clean diapers that are probably all just going to gleefully repel anything Evie tries to gift them. The only disposables I have on hand she's outgrown.

I know what we'll be doing tomorrow, first thing possible: an early morning commissary run for a temporary stock of disposable diapers and Dawn original dish soap, which supposedly is a remedy to use in "stripping" cloth diapers of this diabolical residue build up.



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