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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Thank goodness...

I stumbled upon this article today in the New York Times. It basically says that a little dirt is good for babies because it helps build a strong immune system. All I have to say is, THANK GOODNESS because otherwise Evelyn would be kinda screwed. I have a lot of strengths, but keeping things really clean is just not one of them. We certainly don't live in a pig stye, and I'm rarely really embarrassed at the state of the apartment if an unannounced guest pops by, but I wouldn't win any awards for dusting or mopping. This has sort of begun to worry me a bit, thinking of Evelyn crawling around everywhere some time in the ever-nearing future. I need to begin baby-proofing in earnest and will certainly put forth more of an effort to get the floors clean(er), but it's nice to know that my cleaning ineptness is, in fact, good for Evie's immune system.


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