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Friday, January 16, 2009

Still recognize me?

I haven't gotten a haircut--so much as a trim--since last March. It was high time for some hair lovin', but I'm always nervous to do so, especially here. The most convenient place to get a cut is on post, an the stylists are German locals. Although they speak pretty good English, MUCH better than my German, sometimes the description of a desired cut can get lost in translation:

"Just a little trim" = "How about 4 inches off?"

"I'd like layers" = "Please, can you do a mullet?"

"I'm thinking about bangs..." = "Just how 80's can you make me look exactly?"

You get the idea.

I think the reason I go so long inbetween cuts it because I'm cheap. I hate the idea of paying for a service that basically leaves me looking the same. In reality, I really should get trims more frequently, but often when I decide it's time for a haircut I end up doing something "drastic" (this is a relative term--drastic for me), just so as to feel I've gotten the full bang for my buck. Well, as you can see, today I was feeling like taking a leap of faith:

Can you even recognize me??

...Okay...so I chickened out. The difference is so miniscule it's laughable.


Anonymous said...

Michele, Tried this before but didn''t go through. You should try something drastic and go to Jung downtown. I have been to them for 25 yrs, first the dad and now the son. He speaks English. I hope the first photo is after the cut. If not, you can't really tell, you were jipped. Miss you, Pam L. from school

screamy mimi said...

I know, Pam, it's so true. The first picture was before. Isn't that just sad??

Rich and Stephanie said...

I can only tell you that Jung downtown is really good. I've never went on post for a haircut. It is probably a little more expensive than on post, but they do a great job! Have a great weekend! ~Steph

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