a girl, a guy, a tomato, a bean, and a bear

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Return of the Tomato

I don't think I've ever explained the name of the blog. "Bear" is for Chokydar, who looks like a bear despite being, in fact, a dog. "Tomato" is for Evelyn. In the weeks following her birth she was deemed the Angry Tomato because she screamed with unparalleled wrath and fury until the was red faced and shaking in rage. She's blissfully moved out of that stage...

Until today. The Tomato returned. I know it must be just getting over shots yesterday, or perhaps her teeth are finally trying to push through. Whatever the cause, she is rather inconsolable today. It is very unlike her at this point. She is typically a very agreeable baby and is consoled quickly.

Ahh! I pray she's in a better mood tomorrow, because I was accosted by Girl Scouts on my last trip to the mail room and the cookies I bought won't make it another day if this continues.


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