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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Under construction

Our new home!
A couple of shots of the front elevation. The house faces east and will have stone where the plywood is around the bottom on the front.

Our new home!
Here's a shot of the house from behind. We are the second house in. The back yard isn't as big as we'd imagined, but I'm sure it will be plenty.

Our new home!
This shot is taken from the dining area looking back towards the front door down the entry hall. There is a study, powder room, stairs leading down to the basement and up to the second floor off the hall.

Our new home!
Here is the kitchen. The doorway in the corner will be the pantry. The window will be over the sink.

Our new home!
We have an 8 ft. sliding glass door from the dining area out to the back yard.

Our new home!
This is a view of the backyard through the glass door. The houses behind us block some of our view, but as you can see, there are mountains back there!

Our new home!

Our new home!
This is the living room. The fireplace will have an upgraded stone surround. I'm excited to see it finished.

Our new home!
There's a nice window that lights the stairwell as you go upstairs...

Our new home!
The master bedroom is at the top of the stairs and has some neat upgrades that came with the house including french doors, a raised ceiling, and the "deluxe master bath" with a large tub and double sinks.

Our new home!

Our new home!
This is one of the two extra bedrooms upstairs. We'll have to decide which one will be Evie's and which will be for the new little one.

Our new home!
These are samples of our design choices. We actually haven't seen them in person...I chose them all by pictures sent via e-mail from our design consultant. Hopefully they'll look good in real life!!

Our new home!

It's only about a month now until we are expected to close. I am like a kid waiting for Christmas. I am anxious to see the transformation as they continue building.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

An update...

May 4-5: We had our things packed up and moved for the third time.





May 8: We drove to Houston and stayed almost a week visiting friends and family. I took shamefully few pictures.


May 14: We jumped in the car and drove to San Antonio on the first leg of our road trip to our new home in Colorado Springs.


May 15: We drove to Carlsbad, NM and arrived that evening in time to go to the natural entrance of the cave there in order to watch the bat flight as they leave for their evening meal. Unfortunately Evie got too tired and we left before seeing the bats. I remember seeing the bat flight as a child and was disappointed that we couldn't stay to see it again, but it will just have to be something we save for when the kids are older.


May 16: We went back to Carlsbad Caverns to take a quick spin around one section of the cave. Since Chokydar waited for us in the facility's kennels and we had E in tow, we took the elevator down the 750 ft decent, saving us a 1.5-2 hr hike down the natural entrance. The cave was just as impressive as I remembered. Of course, pictures were difficult to take, but to give you an idea...





Still May 16: We headed out from Carlsbad and drove through Roswell, NM, which was larger than I expected and full of funny signs and billboards regarding alien encounters. We stopped for lunch (didn't see any aliens...) and then carried on to Santa Fe that evening.

I was really surprised by Santa Fe; I thought I would like it, but I hadn't realized how very beautiful it is there! I imagined that it was located in a flat expanse of desert, but it was outlined by gorgeous mountains and full of art and color, despite all the stucco architecture, which was also quite charming. We decided to dine at a local steakhouse listed in the hotel's restaurant guide...the guide unfortunately did not list prices and the restaurant ended up being a high end (read extrememly pricey) place that we all decided was good, but fell short of oh, say, Texas Roadhouse and cost nearly 4 times as much.








May 17: We arrived in Colorado Springs and stayed the first night with Justin's good friend Eric, who had been along on our roadtrip up from Houston, although he'd moved to Colorado Springs a few weeks earlier. He showed us around town, helped us orient ourselves and pointed out a few of his favorite local finds. We were able to drive by our new home, but weren't able to go inside that day.

Our new home!

May 18: We moved into our extended stay hotel. Our house isn't scheduled to be completed until as late as June 30, so we've got about 6 weeks in a hotel. Thankfully I was able to find one with two bedrooms and a kitchenette, so althought things are cramped and we're still living out of a suitcase, we have a bit more normalcy while we wait. I'm still impatient.

So that's where we are! Day 9 of 42+ in Colorado Springs as we wait for our home to be finished. Justin is In-Processing on post and I was able to be seen at the hospital and get our ultrasound scheduled for the second week in June. We will both be excited to learn more about B2!

More pictures of the house to come, as we have been able to get inside and have a look around...

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