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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Evie Videos!

Here's a couple more videos of your favorite Evelyn and mine!


tpklh said...

Hello Evie! Grandma Watson sent us some pictures that your mommy sent to her and we are so very happy to see you! We found your wonderful videos on your mommy's blog and have totally and completely fallen in love with you! Please give your mommy a giant hug and wet kiss for us and tell your daddy that we saw his blog too! We love you all! Uncle Tim, Aunt Pam and Kindra, Laurel and Hope

screamy mimi said...


Hey Watsons! I'm so glad you found your way here! The blog has been a great way to share pictures and stories while being so far away! So good to know you'll be in the loop!

Michele :)

Justin said...

Hey love of mine, sorry to hijack your comments thread, but...

Howdy Uncle Tim and Aunt Pam, Kendra, Laurel and Hope. Sorry I've been absolutely terrible about keeping in touch. You know how it is in the Army. Glad you found Michele's blog, this is the same place I come to keep in the loop on Evie's doings from here in Iraq.

Love you all,

tpklh said...

hi guys! any chance we could get your email addresses? Love, us from salt lake. tpklh@comcast.net

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