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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

He's obviously never been to Baumholder...

I got the feedback from my instructor on my logo for the local hair salon, Jung. The professor had constructive criticism, but was mostly appalled at the use of Hobo as my font choice. I really see just what he means...I'm not entirely sure what I was thinking, other than I was trying to use the built in curves of the letters in my design because we hadn't yet learned the tools that I would need to create such an effect on my own. Still, that's kind of a lame-o excuse for sacrificing design for an idea. It wasn't required, but I wanted to revisit the logo to try and make improvements. What do you guys think?

The logo:

Here's the rest of the identity system. Envelope:


Business card:

And last post, I didn't include these for the old logo, so here's something for comparison.




I think I've made some real improvements. Although I agree with what the instructor had to say, he also said something I found really funny...he said the font felt "dated and unrefined" and not German at all. I get the German part, but dated and unrefined? He's obviously never been to Baumholder. ;)


Brad said...

I have to say, I disagree with your instructor. Although I do not know German fonts. I really thing that you made such a unique design that incorporated what the company does into the font. If it is an exercise in making fonts that's one thing, but from a business or marketing perspective, I got everything I needed to know just from that logo. I know automatically what the company does. From the new font, I don't get that. While nice to look at, it's just a logo.

Great job on both though! You're incredibly talented!

screamy mimi said...

Thanks for the feedback, Brad! To be fair, he came back and said that it wasn't the mark he really had a problem with as much as the Hobo font I used on the rest of the system. It was the same one I used in the mark, though, so I just carried it throughout the first time.

Anonymous said...

Michele, I disagree with your instructor. I greatly prefer your original one more, esp. as the scissors are easier to see than the new one. I also like the curl and yellow better. i went to Jung to show him but he was gone. I go next week for a hair cut and will show him them, You are so talented, I'm very impressed and like the original one better!! Pam

Anonymous said...

Michele, I got my hair cut last week and showed this to Ullrich and he liked the first one, too. He copied your blog address and said he'd write you. Pam

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