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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Look at me, falling behind...

Ok, my great plans to document our past trips each month didn't make it past month #2. I'm going to try and catch up. Here's the rest from our trip in Garmisch, January 2007:

Garmisch collage

Garmisch collage 2

More from Garmisch

More from Garmisch

More from Garmisch

More from Garmisch

I remember as we drove home we saw maybe a dozen hot air balloons. I've always thought it would be neat to go up in one (although I probably would think otherwise while up in the air). Justin, on the other hand, was adamantly against the idea.


Anonymous said...

Michele, I went up years ago here in Germany in a hot air balloon and it was so cool. It is VERY quiet as you're going with the wind. WE were so low I could actually yell down (or talk loudly) to Germans out in their yard. You should do it if you have a chance, it's expensive, but worth it. Pam

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