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Friday, February 27, 2009

It's Official: I've Lost It.

Okay, please laugh with me at myself, because today, I've officially lost it.

Today I woke up like any Saturday and started busying about with Evie. Even though every day is basically the same here, the weekends take on a more laid back feel just because post more or less shuts down and we tend to hang out at home even more (if possible). Usually I spend Saturdays trying to clean the house a bit and work on little projects, whether it be organization or crafts or whatever. While Evie's played, I've tried to get things straightened a bit, checking periodically if the newest BSG has been released online yet, as it usually pops up midday Saturday, having aired stateside Friday night.

Are you on to me yet?

So, it was getting close to 4 pm and I was thinking if we wanted to run any errands--and get coffee before the java cafe closes at 5 on Saturday, we'd better do it. Evie's outgrown most of her socks and I could use another laundry basket (does this make 4? 5? I've lost count)--not for laundry, but sorting and storing things.

My first inkling that something was odd was driving past the mailroom parking lot. "Wow!" I wondered aloud to Evelyn, "There sure are a lot of people getting coffee today..." The mailroom is closed on Saturday and so the only cars you see in the lot on the weekend are people at the cafe. I think three is the most I've ever seen at one time. There must have been at least 7 or 8.

We went first to the PX to get our things. No incident there. Normal Saturday like things happening...

Ok, by this point, if you're not suffering from dimentia as I obviously am, you've realized my mistake. I pulled into the lot at the mailroom, which was still obscenely crowded for a Saturday and began to be really weirded out. It was sooooo busy there. What was going on? As I walked down the hallway I saw that, in fact, the mailroom was open! Had they reverted back to their old hours? They used to be open on Saturday...

"Okay," I thought, "I can roll with this. I'll check the mail." So we went in and checked our box. No joy. But there sure were a lot of workers there--and people for that matter--for a Saturday. Okay, by this point I was REALLY suspicious and reality was beginning to dawn on me. I walked slowly into the coffee shop and asked the dude at the counter, "Is it Friday today?"

"Yeah..." he replied, nonchalantly. Oh boy.

I was totally floored. Virtual friends, I'm not talking the old, "Oh I think it's x-day today but, whoops, it's y-day" thing that happens to us all, I'm talking MY LIFE IS A LIE. Not only had today been Saturday for me ALL DAY, but yesterday? YESTERDAY WAS FRIDAY. ALL DAY. I had pizza for dinner (a family tradition from growing up), I checked the mail late in the day, because OBVIOUSLY it was the last chance before the weekend began...I'm still reeling from this realization. It's Friday? Whoa. What happened? Where did I go wrong?

I think I must have derailed somewhere around Tuesday or Wednesday. I just can't wrap my mind around it. Thinking back, there were signs today...this morning when I opened the curtains in the nursery I saw our upstairs neighbor outside. She's been gone for a few weeks and she was hauling in about a dozen boxes, presumably mail that has been building up. I wondered then to myself if the mailroom was open on Saturday. Ah well I thought she could have picked it up yesterday and is only getting around to bringing it in today. And I was wondering why I hadn't heard from my parents yet today..usually we catch up on the weekend. Then of course was the BSG thing. Of course it's not online yet. It hasn't aired in the states!!! Aaaaaaaahhhhh!

It all makes sense now. I'm so confused.


Anonymous said...

Michele, What is BSG? Everyone gets confused about days a lot. One friend years ago slept so soundly during her nap that she thought it was the next morning and got up, got ready for school went to school and wondered why no one was there as it was night!! Pam

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