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Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Baby Buddies


Adam, Caelan, and Vanessa

Tricia and Kieran

Smiley Girl

Evie legs

Kieran and Hedgehog

Kieran has awesome eyes

Evelyn's got her eye on you

Also this last week Evie and I got together with our buddies from the pregnancy group. Vanessa and Adam hosted this go around and it was lovely to meet the rest of their family (Caelan's grandmother and Zoey, the dog). It made the second time seeing Tricia and Kieran in one week, which was almost mind-blowing with goodness. :)

This was the first real time we'd gotten together that the babies were actually aware of one another. Kieran and Evelyn "fought" over who would get to chew on the tags of the nearest toy. They took turns stealing it from one another while the other was distracted. Kieran showed off his awesome pre-crawling rock and Caelan demostrated his object manipulation skills with his bottle. Evelyn sat without assistance, quietly watching, taking it all in--a little wary, and slightly more on edge than usual due to her aforementioned nap strike.

It's so amazing to see how far these guys have come!


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