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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Better luck next time

Rookie Mom Rule No. 3: Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you just end up covered in poo.

Today was a good day. I got in half a workout and showered. Evie was in a good mood all day. I met with my good friend Loretta for coffee and my Friedman book came in the mail, along with a couple of new toys for Evelyn. Loretta invited me to go with her to Bible study tonight, and knowing I want to more deeply involve my faith in everyday life, I decided it was a good idea. Baumholder conspired against us with a chilly night of wind and rain, but Evie and I braved it for the sake of some fellowship.

Evelyn seemed to be enjoying herself, despite having gotten a little less sleep than usual because of our action packed day. ;) The group was just settling in to discuss passages from the book of Ruth when things started picking up, Evie wise. To be more specific, things with Evie started picking up, gastrointesinally-wise. My first clue was the extra wiggliness. Then Evie started to vocalize a bit. Next, I shifted her from my lap to shoulder and we had a burp. Not three minutes later, Evelyn decided to join the conversation--by means of her famous "percolating." Our friends over at Merriam-Webster would remind you that this action is defined as the process in which "a solvent oozes or trickles through a permeable substance." Evelyn's percolating had been named thus originally because it mimicked the sound of coffee being brewed. Tonight's percolating was closer to the Webster definition. Grossness factor aside, this kid has talent. Perhaps she couldn't resist showing off in front of a new group of people, but Evelyn achieved her all time blow out record tonight, covering not only herself in poo, but her dear mommy as well. I was mercifully wearing black, so the visible damage to the members of the Bible study was not so graphic. We rushed off to the ladies' restroom to do hazmat control. By the time we were once again presentable, Evelyn suggested that we call it a night because she was tired from all that poopin' and could use a nap. This, as well as the prospect of a shirt not covered in poo, seemed like a good idea to me, and we made our way home.


Kathy said...

I continue to chuckle ... memories abound ... and how graceful little ladies can do such a masterful job! I think that you would be great as a teacher of creative writing ... on top of all the other talents you posess!

Love you,

Rich and Stephanie said...

Hey Michele,

I found your blog by mistake, but I'm glad I did.

My gosh, you have such a adorable little girl!

Are you guys still in Baumholder?

I changed my e-mail address, but I'll send you one on yours. I would love to catch up!


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