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Friday, September 12, 2008

Here come the smiles...

Evie- September 2008 053

Evie- September 2008 055

Evie- September 2008 047

Evie- September 2008 049a

Evie- September 2008 048a

It was another really yucky day out today, one of those where it's 10 am but still looks like it's yet to break dawn. The sky was gray, mist hung in the air and it rained on and off all day. Evie and I had kind of an off day as well. We started off the day with a bath and a new outfit, but failed to fall into our regular "routine"--if it can be called that yet. It's more like a cycle: eat, play, poop, sleep, repeat. Only today, she forgot about the sleeping part. All day long it was the same story: eat, play, poop, rub your eyes and yawn until you decide it's time to eat again. She got maybe an hour or so of rest in little 10-15 minute cat naps the whole day. At one point when our magical friend The Swing had failed to aid us in our quest for a nap I decided we might as wel, go check the mail. I strapped Evie in her car seat, and given the state of the weather outside, I insisted on a hat. Snuggled in her blanket and cap we set out, picked up the mail, and headed back home. Still no sleep. When I opened the car door to bring her back inside, I found that she'd pulled her blanket up to her nose so that only her little eyes poked out under her kitty ear hat. Too adorable. No sleep for us, but she could still smile about it. Gotta love this kid.


Write Softly said...

Ah, the crooked smile! The single most devastating weapon of cuteness in the arsenal of the nap striker!

She is ED-I-BLE.

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