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Monday, September 15, 2008

Two months old today

Evelyn at 2 months, September 15, 2008
Evie- September 2008 02 047
Evie- September 2008 02 013
Evie- September 2008 02 046

Dear Evelyn,

You are two months old today! Woo hoo! This month has brought so many changes, I can hardly keep up with them all. I know the old addage about not seeing the forest for the trees applies here. Because I spend all day, every day with you, I know I'm taking some of the gradual, miniscule miracles you're accumulating everyday for granted. First of all, you weigh 11.4 lbs! Your hair is still as full and fun as the day you were born, maybe even more so, and your eyes remain the beautiful steel-grey you were born with as well. Your growth physically is astounding, but that's only the beginning.

Lately while I'm talking to your Daddy on the phone, you'll make a noise and he'll stop the conversation with, "Was that Evelyn??" Your repertoire of noises has expanded greatly this month. You've gone from only "WAAAAAA!!!!!" (when your father was here) to more expressive and varied crying, gurgles, and here in the last few days, coos. It's incredible to listen to you because I can tell you're actually experimenting, and you get a real kick out of it.

This month you've begun to actually look at me. There were inklings of it last month, but mostly you just stared into space in August. Now, in glorious September, you actually look, no, dare I say, STARE at me! You can fix your eyes on an object and follow it in all kinds of directions--up, down, left, right, in arcs--ARCS, Evelyn! I know this seems small to you, but believe me, last month you couldn't handle the arc.

A little while after eye contact became the trendy thing to do, you dazzled me with another new trick: you smiled. And not just an "Mmmmmm-I-just-pooped" smile, but an honest-to-goodness "I-can-see-you-and-I-actually-like-you" smile. You greet me this way when I gather you in my arms for night time feedings and again in the morning. Your father moaned when I told him this. "Great! She's a morning person!" he sighed. When you get older, I think you and Chokydar could combine your forces to wake him up in the mornings. If you say this was my idea, I will deny it. Your smile lights up your entire face, from your adorable double chin to the tips of your electrified hair. You flash your toothless, gummy smile at me and my heart melts.

Nap time has been a sticky subject for us this month. You, on occasion, have decided to boycott The Nap, and then (GASP) find yourself irritatingly tired. The concept of cause and effect was obviously not one of your learned skills this month. Usually, however, you can be persuaded to catch forty winks with the aid of our dear, dear friend, The Swing Chair. This beautiful device allows Mommy to do things like, catch a bathroom break, run outside to take the dog out, grab something to eat (two handed!), or even squeeze in a workout. Although you don't always nap regularly during the day, you are a champ at sleeping at night. Usually you're in bed asleep for the night by 11 and can sleep until 3 or 4. You wake up again around 6 or 7 usually, and will sometimes let me catch another hour or so after that before we get up for the day. This weekend, after a particularly napless day, you managed to sleep through the night, from midnight to 7 am. This is not a regular occurance, but honey, 7 hours of straight sleep was one of the nicest presents you could give to Mommy. Thank you!

Your hands have become much more active this month, especially in the last week. You are starting to seek out things to grab on to, and you really enjoy sucking on your fist. That's right, not just a finger or two, the entire fist. You get it nice and slobbery and then smear some more drool all around your chin for good measure. When I wipe you dry with the spitty cloth you often flash me a grin. I say "flash" because typically about a second later you've jammed your fist back in your mouth to do more drool fishing.

There's so much more, Evelyn, but I can't even begin to put it all into words, and besides that, I've got to get to bed so I can keep up with you tomorrow.




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