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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Supplies only 45 minutes away!

Today Evie and I ventured out to find a fabled art supply store about 45 minutes away from us here in Baumholder. We found the Ramen & Bild Galerie on Kaiserslautern Strasse as I'd heard told, and was thrilled to find real live art supplies here in Germany! I bought 3 brushes for detail work (all the ones I already had were much too bulky) and a new mixing tray. It's been a major annoyance to be without an in person supplier, as sometimes you really just need to look at something to know if it's what you need. Also, sometimes you want it RIGHT NOW, not 10-21 days from now. I'm very happy to have found this wonderful little store, and am very grateful to have been allowed to take a couple of pictures of the store to document our little adventure.

Visit RAHMEN & BILD GALERIE to see their website, and if you're here in Germany, stop by and buy something!
Hopefully in the next couple of days I will post the piece I'm working on with my new brushes! Yay!


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