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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Illustration Friday: Island


This didn't quite turn out as I'd hoped, but I was rushing to try and get it finished this week and thought something was better than nothing. It's been sooooo long since I've posted anything to Illustration Friday, and it is a goal I have to start participating again.

My thought for the topic comes from the fact that--although this is not always a bad thing--I sometimes feel like I'm on an island here in the apartment with Evelyn. Life is completely different with a newborn, and it definitely revolves around her. Of course Chokydar is here with me, but other than that, it can feel rather isolating at times.


Kathy said...

Miss Shelli:

I caught the concept before I read your explanation. So very true with such a little one who needs YOU for EVERYTHING! I am so proud of you for expressing yourself so well ... and for the courage that you display in going this alone in Justin's absence. Courage was something that Andy eulogized at Grandmother's celebration service ... you are a great example of courage and determination as well! Evelyn Margaret will be so blessed by your example and your loving care.

Love you bunches,
Aunt Kathy

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