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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Julia time!

Evie- September 2008 04 005

Evie- September 2008 04 004

Evie- September 2008 04 002

On Saturday Evie and I had a Julia day! For living a little more than a block away, we can sometimes go for weeks without seeing eachother. We went to Kaiserslautern to visit the H&M there and because Julia had found a review for a Thai food restaurant in the area as well. Any place that doesn't have 37 different kinds of schnitzel on the menu is worth trying!

We found the H&M without incident, although the parking way atrocious. The store is located in an outdoor pedestrian shopping area and the nearest parking lot, while conveniently only about a block away, is less conveniently packed to the brim, and European sized--meaning cars 1/2 the size of our Corolla fitting into spots 1/3 the size of the Corolla. We finally snagged a spot and after feeding Evie in the car, were on our way.

At H&M I found some mittens for Evie. The pink pair above will be for this winter, and the other (what kind of animal is that? Kangaroo? Rabbit? Long-eared Bear?) was just too cute to pass up, so I bought a pair that should fit her next winter. I also found a pair of chunky knit mittens for myself and a scarf in the most beautiful peacock blue.

After H&M we returned to the car and put the address for the restaurant into the GPS (YAY for GPS!) We drove to a closer spot, the street now being more deserted as the stores had begun to close. We'd gone less than a mile and by the looks of it, the restaurant was located right where we'd just been. As we meandered back through the streets on foot with no restaurant in sight, I sheepishly realized that the address had been reset for H&M (BOO for human error with GPS!). Once we figured this out, we recalculated and found the restaurant with little trouble. You can see above, our highly sofisticated baby navigating system. I can see it now, the day when strollers actually have built in GPS. Oh boy.

Evie "sat" in my lap once we were seated; she was getting tired of being in the car seat and wanted to be closer to the action. It was at this point, while Julia and I were perusing the menu, that Evelyn decided to provide some...ahem..."music" to accompany dinner. Also at this point, I realized that I'd forgotten the Tooty-Pooter's diaper bag in the car. Oops. Rookie Mom Mistake No. #12: You think that just because you've recently changed the diaper, there won't be need of another diaper in the immediate future. Lesson learned. We made it through dinner, but we were hurried and took half of the meal to go. Despite being rushed, I really enjoyed eating out--I had the Pad Thai Moo, and it was delicious. I'm so grateful to have a friend like Julia who is willing to hang out with someone who poops during dinner (Evelyn not me!!) and lives life in cycles of 2-3 hours (Me, because of Evelyn).


Write Softly said...

I see you've now become initiated into the Restaurant Poo. This sophisticated move is bested only by the Restaurant Blow-out, which boy achieved on Mother's Day (big diaper + sushi buffet = changing boy on the car's tailgate and thanking my lucky stars that I'd packed a "throwdown" outfit).

And I've heard of H&M but never been to one. Sounds amazing. The mittens are so cute!

screamy mimi said...

That is too funny. Yeah, unfortunately the car was about a 10 minute walk away, so it made more sense to try and speed eat than take 20 minutes to retrieve a diaper. Never forgetting the bag again!

H&M is very cool and they have reasonable prices too! They don't have any stores in TX though. :( Boo!

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