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Friday, October 24, 2008

Some Assembly Required






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Yesterday a new toy came in the mail for Evelyn. I started off without any fancy playmat type devices, but after we were given one (the pink would not have been my first choice), it was clear that Evie REALLY loved it. As it won't be too long until she's sitting, I thought she'd enjoy a play thing that is upright, thus the exersaucer.

Julia was over watching Evie so I could run to the mail room. I was expecting a large package or two and knew that I'd need both hands to successfully maneuver. When I got home, awesome Julia helped me put it together. We had fun. We got a little carried away. For the record, when the directions say "patterned side out" on fabric that is patterned on BOTH sides I have to scratch my head. I guessed wrong, and it was only when we were musing about why the manufacturer would put tags in such an awkward place did we look at each other and realize my mistake.

The little book would NOT snap into place. I tried then Julia tried then I tried again. Julia finally got it in...it's secure, but there's a tiny gap that worries me. I picture it popping off and flying through the air, whacking Evelyn in the head 3 months from now.

With a real live adult present (besides me), I have a couple of pictures of Evie AND me! Looking at them I'm amused at the state of our hair and can't help think like mother like daughter...


Write Softly said...

This is exactly the exersaucer boy uses and he loved it for a very long time. Now that he's mobile, any kind of immobilization is offensive to him :) but the one you have is a great one. And I had to put the thing together myself too and struggled with that ridiculous fabric description.

Also, how the HECK does that dragon puppet work? Do you put your hand in from underneath, or in the strange opening in the back of its head? I CANNOT figure out what they had in mind.

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