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Saturday, October 4, 2008

New Toys

Evie- October 2008 01 025

Evie- October 2008 01 016

Evie- October 2008 01 009

Evie- October 2008 01 006

Evie- October 2008 01 005

Evie- October 2008 002

After Evelyn's playdate with Kieran and Caelan, I checked around online for some new toys, inspired by some of the really cute things Tricia had. I came across something called the whoozit that was highly rated and too bizarre looking to pass up. Also in my browsing I came across the company "Lamaze" (one of Kieran's cute toys turns out to be from Lamaze) and found a giraffe and kangaroo that needed a home. They arrived this week and so far, Evelyn really likes them. She is just starting to really try to use her hands, so the various textures and noises they make are very captivating to her. You can see from the pictures that her hands are almost constantly at her mouth now. She's a drool queen and today I started putting a bib on her just to try and avoid changing outfits every hour.

Today was the first day I tested out her cloth diapers. I can't tell you how much slack I've gotten for even considering the use of cloth diapers. It's like it's a personal offense to some people. I was all excited to use them from the beginning, but even the 'one-size-fits-all' kind I have were WAY too big for 7 lb 4 oz Evie. Now that she's 12 lbs, I've been thinking for a while she's probably big enough to try them out, but the disposable diaper has insidiously worked its way into our lives. It is so darn convenient it's hard to resist, and of course it is what we're used to at this point. Still, every week I'm amazed at the quantity of diapers the child goes through and I can't help but see it as a waste of money and a source of pollution. We weren't planning any big outtings today, so I figured it was as good a time as any to give the clothies a chance.

So far, I can say I'm pleased. They seem to be just as capable as the disposables at holding everything in. Of course, in the face of a determined pooper, I don't think there's any diaper on earth that could contain the child. The inserts aren't as much of a hassle as I'd feared and I've already washed a couple and was very pleased with how they came though the laundry. I'd say at this point my biggest complaints for them would be that they are bulkier by far than the disposables, and that the velcro is SO velcro-y that sometimes it's hard to avoid having them stick to other things on the way to getting the diaper on. These gripes are definitely minor and I think that I'll get used to them both with time and usage. Evie seems to like them just fine, and they do look prettier than the disposable ones. I'm hopeful that I can come to rely on them as our primary means. I'll get some pictures posted of them and Evelyn modelling soon!


Write Softly said...

Hey, SEXY new layout. You've been hard at work, lady! And I'd read all kinds of things about the whoozit, too. She really does seem to like it, then? I still can't figure out what it's supposed to be.

Keep posting! I'm loving the pics and can't wait to see the cloth diapers in action.

screamy mimi said...

LOL Thanks! I'm one of those people who love to move the furniture around every so often, so I guess the same applies to the blog. ;)

She does like the whoozit, although I feel when she's getting tired it can be a little overwhelming! I mean, come on, that face is a little much! He's slightly frightening to me...

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