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Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy Anniversary to me!




Justin was concerned because he was delayed in ordering an anniversary present for me this year. Ummm, hello?? It's more than okay, given the circumstances! In fact, it sort of made things more fun, spreading out the celebration to more like an anniversary season. A few days ago in the mail I received a package, a package I did not order--the customs form listed the contents as "books"--18 lbs worth. This, for a girl who was proposed to in a Barnes and Noble could not be more exciting.

I rushed home and discovered with glee 6 books, all dealing with various artists and the process of art making. Justin is so supportive of my journey to become an illustrator. He's always encouraging me to draw, and thus the cards he ordered attached to the gift wrapping could not be more appropriate, or make me smile more.


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