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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Three Months Old Today!

Evelyn at three months, October 15, 2008a

Dear Evelyn,

I just laid you down and kissed your forehead goodnight. Hopefully it will stick. Lately you've been a little bit more difficult to get to sleep. I have to qualify that statement, because even now, I'm pretty sure you're a piece of cake by comparison to some babies. We'd gotten into a routine where you nurse one side, have your diaper changed, and then nurse the other, basically until you fall asleep. There are many who'd probably wag a finger at this and warn me against nursing or rocking you to sleep, saying you'll be dependent on that to get to sleep later on and oooooh I'll regret it. You know what, Evie? It works for us now, and we're just going to keep doing it. I know you have the ability to get yourself to sleep because that's what you do in the middle of the night. You usually sleep from about 11 pm to 6 or 7 am (sometimes a little earlier) and then wake up to nurse. Once you're finished, usually about 30-45 minutes later, I just lay you down and head back to bed, even if you're still awake. You usually don't make a peep until about 3 hours later when we get up for the day. Anyway, lately you've been a bit more stubborn about going to sleep and some nights it takes almost an hour and a half to get you down. Still, this is tearless and pretty stress free, so I can't complain.

During the day, you continue to take good naps in your swing, but the latest development is that you have become MUCH more sensitive to sound while asleep. The phone ringing, oven beeping, coffee pot chiming, AIM mooing will almost guarantee that you stir and it's anyone's bet as to whether you'll fall back to sleep or not. You're also expanding your bag of tricks, vocally speaking. I can only hope I can capture on film or video the priceless face you make when making this particular "ooh" noise. The best way I can describe it is that you pucker your lips like a little fish, but then stick your upper lip out as far as you're physically able and hold it there...pretty much indefinitely as you rhythmically chant "ooooh ooooh ooooh." That just doesn't do it justice. It's indescribably cute.

I don't think a day's gone by this month where I'm not covered in bodily fluids. Whether it's spit up, baby poo, or my over achieving milk supply, at some point it's all over us, and you typically find it really amusing. The exploding diaper has become one of your favorite new tricks and I can almost hear you thinking, "Look mama, look! Niagra falls!" as you dribble spit up down your chubby chin (all 4 of them).

Speaking of chins, you've definitely gotten bigger this month. I have to go spelunking to wash your neck, because you've taken to hiding your most prized piece of lint or hair in the top-most crevice. You can no longer fit across the narrow span of the crib, only diagonally or length wise. I forgot to weigh you today, but I will tomorrow, and I know it's bound to surprise me.

Let's see, what else...you're generally more responsive all around and are studying my every expression. I can see the gears turning behind your gorgeous eyes (still greyish) and they light up when you make a new connection. It's really something to witness. You've really improved your hand coordination this month. You're grabbing onto things, and have even liften a couple of your toys all by yourself. Everything you pick up makes its way to your mouth for inspection. If you have nothing else around, your hands do just fine as mouth fillers. They stay there much of the time--both of them competing for the best mouth real estate. You like to make spit bubbles and it seems that there is a goal: to make the longest possible continuous chain of bubbles and see to it that it reaches down your chin, neck, and onto whatever you're wearing. You alternatingly find it very amusing or frustrating when I thwart this goal.

A few other firsts this month: You were frightened for the first time by Chokydar. We were in the parking lot at the vet after Choky's appointment, and since it's a 45 minute drive home I decided you'd better eat before we got on our way. While we were occupied, another dog showed up outside on the lawn and Choky decided...well, to be Chokydar and began to bark her head off. First your eyes got big and then you began to squirm in my arms. You then made a noise you never had before, a sort of wimper. I tried as best I could to get Choky to stop (you'll know how hard this is when you get older) and comforted you. I don't know if it was the close quarters in the car or the intensity of her barking, but you were definitely freaked by the experience.

You also for the first time had a bit of diaper rash. It didn't really seem to be bothering you, but it looked so red and offensive to me I thought I'd do you a favor and put some cream on it to sooth the rashiness. Bad idea. Very, very bad idea. You did not like this AT ALL, Evelyn, and proceeded to tell me so in language that would make your father blush. All I can say is that I've learned my lesson and will endeavor never to offend you as much as I did that day.

Finally, yesterday and today you've been starting to really make some new locomotive effort. You "lean sit" on me a great deal, resting with your back on my front, but yesterday you summoned your strength and lunged forward, holding yourself erect for a few seconds. You've done it a couple more times, and I must say that it is very impressive. Also, you're getting so close to rolling over. You can roll onto your side and do so often, especially in the crib in the morning and on the changing mat. The way you hold your legs up, I think you may have a career as a pilates instructor. I know the full roll is on its way...it's just a matter of time.

I love you more and more every day, sweet Squishy, and every day you bring me new joy.



Write Softly said...

Michele, there's so much sweetness here that my eyes are full. But let me make just a few comments. 1) Please, please don't stop writing and posting. Not only are you touching the hearts of all who read your letters to Evie, you're creating a perfect archive for her someday of the journey of your love for her, and of how it started off as infinite and just kept getting bigger and deeper. And 2) after three and a half months of letting Boy cry at night, and doing much crying myself, I am back to nursing him to sleep and am SO over being apologetic for it. It works for him and for me and so I let the haters hate. I applaud you doing what works for you guys and hope you know that you will always have a supporter here who cheers your amazing instincts with your adorable daughter.

Much love to you! -- write softly

Jill said...

I just saw your profile, and it was nice to see someone who is a fan of both Harry Potter, and Dragon Lance. I love the picks of your little one. Evie is adorable.


screamy mimi said...

Thanks Jen. I'm finding it really wonderful to express my thoughts and observations here. I am SO forgetful, I know these days would just be a blur of happiness if I didn't document specific stories. And thanks so much for your support too! As a mother I always want to do right by Evelyn--sometimes you can't help but worry when you're not sure what that is!

screamy mimi said...

Hi Jill! Thanks for your comment! Yes, we're huge fantasy (and sci-fi too!) nerds here. Hopefully Evie will love the stories as much as her father and I! Always wonderful to find someone with shared interests.

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