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Sunday, October 26, 2008

I'm in trouble now...







Options are limited for local weekend activities here. I say that...you can find many things to do, if you are creative and mobile. Options are rather limited for the slightly weary and baby-laden. To put it another way, the grocery store is an exciting alternative. This being the case, when a coffee shop was added to our available amenities, it was cause for excitement, and I often find myself there on a Saturday (they're closed on Sundays).

Yesterday the weather was nice (THANK YOU!) and so I decided it would be a good idea to walk to the Java Cafe rather than drive. It's only maybe 3 blocks away--an easy, EASY walk, even though it's uphill. It was slightly chilly, so I set about adding a little extra clothing to Evelyn and making all the necessary preparations for our outing. Chokydar, of course, senses that something is up and begins to be a little anxious about what's going on. Going for a walk is enough to get her really revved up, but the prospect of being left behind for a walk (dogs aren't allowed inside the Java Cafe) is nearly enough to send her over a cliff.

At this point Evelyn is dressed and ready, and I have her lying in her crib as I put on the carrier-harness thingy. Choky is running in circles, barking (I'm trying to console Evelyn so this doesn't frighten her), and jumping up on my leg. With the harness secured, I lift Evie out of her crib, high into the air so that I can lower her down into the carrier. All is going well, despite Choky's increasing anxiety, until suddenly something happens that I had hoped would never happen. Chokydar, in an act of sheer desperation, jumps from the bed INTO EVELYN'S CRIB. Yep, that's right. I'm standing there with Evelyn and as my eyes widen in shock, Chokydar freezes, sensing she's crossed some line, standing IN EVELYN'S CRIB!!!

"Get OUT of THERE!!!" I gasp.

Choky leaps out immediately. I can only imagine she hoped it was the magical portal through which objects get to accompany me on the walk. I mean, it had worked for Evelyn, right?



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