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Monday, April 6, 2009

This pretty much sums it up

Kiss and make it feel better

This image pretty much sums up Evie for the past few days; tears and laughter {almost} in equal measure. I'm stuggling with the balance of letting her explore vs. protecting her from injury. By that I just mean, falling basically; there's not a bunch of marbles strewn across the floor or anything. She is really starting to, well, I call it her moonwalk crawl, because she's not up on her knees, but she sort of magically floats across the floor. She loves going from sitting into the moonwalk crawl, but unfortunately she hasn't yet mastered the smooth transition, and she often ends up face first in the carpet. Tears ensue. As you can see above, once comforted, she's just fine, often with the tears still making their way down her chubby little cheeks.

I'm finding this process really hard. How do I know if I'm doing okay? Allowing her enough freedom? Enough safety? Am I comforting her too much after a spill? I just don't quite know. I follow my gut and hope it's not as big of a deal as it seems right now.


Write Softly said...

Oh, M. I know. It's impossible to tell if we're doing it the way we "should." I too struggle daily with this. But let me say -- I heartily and completely think that going with your gut is the only way to do it. My latest freak-out thing is, if I'm really intuiting what he wants and I am able to read his little "mmmm"s as requests for certain things, and I answer his needs, will he ever be motivated to learn actual WORDS? :) It never stops, the things to worry about. So we just have to go with it and trust in God. He's given us these amazing children, after all -- He must have known what He was doing. :)

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