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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Next time I'll just use perfume...

So, funny story; true story--

Whew, I thought to myself, as a plopped down in my chair.

We'd just gotten back from the day's errands--checking the mail and going to the Arts and Crafts Center. It was a beautiful day out today; the sun is (mostly) shining and the temperature slightly on the cool side of perfect. As we were driving to the crafts center I couldn't help but be overcome with joy. The first of many 'welcome home' signs have begun to pop up outside the post gates and the reality of it all filled me with glee. The breeze carried blossoms from nearby trees across our path, swirling in the wind in their own sort of celebratory dance.

Evie did really well at the store, even though it took me a few minutes to get everything necessary for my newest project. We headed back by way of the mailroom where I found a new pair of shoes waiting for me. Huzzah!

Evelyn had been yawning in the car and rubbing her eyes--we all know what that means, and as we came inside I found myself holding my breath to see if she would be agreeable to taking a nap in the swing. Lately she's been hurling anything I give her (intended to distract and calm her) off the edge in disgust. As I lowered her into the swing, her hand shot out and she grabbed onto the upper part of the swing arm. Both of my hands were full holding her and we both laughed hysterically as I tried to shake her loose so she could be lowered the rest of the way. The girl's got a grip.

She settled reasonably well, and so I headed for the kitchen to grab a snack. I pulled out one of those bottled frappuccinos you can buy from the grocery store and shook it up vigorously, then popped the lid and set it on my desk. Oops! I'd forgotten to shut the living room door. If it stays open, Chokydar will bark at noises from the street and destroy any chance of a nap.

Whew, I thought to myself, as a plopped down in my chair. I reached out for my drink and gave it another hardy shake for good measure...

Yeah, did you catch that part where I'd already opened the bottle??? I had just set the open cap back on top of the bottle, booby trapping myself who couldn't remember a mere 15 seconds later that I'd already opened it. I stood for maybe 10 seconds, covered from head to foot in vanilla frappuccino, dripping on the carpet in total shock.

I cleaned everything up as best I could--nothing got really damaged and I got a good laugh.

I know later I'm going to wonder why Chokydar is obsessively licking that section of the carpet.


Christa L. said...

LMFAO! I so love you!

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