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Friday, April 3, 2009

In which Evelyn decides it's time to step things up a notch

It's a good thing Justin's coming home soon. This is true for many many reasons, but today's reason is because some of my single-handed tactics are beginning to become obselete.

Issue No. 1: Evelyn is getting BIG and WIGGLY.

This is the least bothersome of the three issues I'm highlighting today. There are pros to this issue as well, i.e. ready made upper body workout, but all in all, it sure would be handy to be able to save some tasks for when I have back up. Carrying Evelyn tummy to tummy is pretty much out of the question now. She will contort herself backwards and upside down to try and see where we are going, and it TOTALLY negates the convenience of this carry position. Sideways resting on my hip is pretty good, but still, she will twist and turn unexpectedly if something intriguing catches her eye. I often will carry her facing out, but this requires both hands to hold her securely, and the obvious draw back here is...no hands left for anything else.

Issue No. 2: Evelyn is starting to REALLY mess with stuff.

Evie: "That's a great necklace, mom! What happens if I pull on it LIKE THIS!!!???"
Me: [choke]

Evie: "What are these on your face again, mom? What? You need them to see? Weird."
Me: [bumping into things]

Evie: "What's that your reading, mom? A magazine? Cool. Hey look, if I rip it like THIS we can both read it!"
Me: [sigh]

Evie: "This is a neat sweater, mom. What are these things again? Buttons? Do you think if I pulled hard enough they might come off?"
Me: [trying not to be undressed in public]

Granted, I thwart her tiny hands most of the time because I know her tricks...but she is QUICK!

Issue No. 3: Evelyn is a big Bear McCreary fan, and is practicing her drumming skills...on my latte.

We sometimes go to the Java Cafe...everyday and up until now, carrying Evie in one hand and the chai in the other haven't been an issue. The doors to the mail room are motion sensitive and when I get to the car I set the cup on the roof while I get her buckled in. When we get to the door to our building, however, it gets a little complicated. There are two doors, the outside one, and then the inner door to our apartment. They are both VERY VERY heavy and weighted, so that they close automatically. Up until now, I've been momentarily shifting Evie on one hip so that I can support her in the crook of my arm and hold the cup in that hand while I pull the door open. Once we step inside I transfer the cup back over to the hand on the Evie-free side. Again, at our door: transfer cup, unlock door, open door and get inside without being hit by said heavy swinging door, transfer cup back. Now for the fun part. The past couple of days have seen a new development. Whereas before, Evie would only look at the cup, now she excitedly wants to PLAY the cup. It makes lovely music if you BEAT on it apparently (you know, the sound of the latte sloshing wildly against the lid, then spewing out and spilling down my pants.) Now, before you get worried, they don't actually make the drink that hot--it's not going to burn her, but this method is obviously no longer a viable one...

Back to the drawing board...


Write Softly said...

My sides hurt from laughing. This is GREAT. And so TRUE. Does she do the thing when, on your hip, she turns to face forward completely and LEANS down to see or reach something? It is SO hard to counterbalance that.

Java Cafe ... everyday ... I'm still laughing. You are hilarious. He'll be home soon!! Yay! And when you get to Texas I want to take you guys to dinner. :) Or lunch, depending on baby moods and sleep issues at that time. Because, you know, just when we figure it out, THEY CHANGE THE GAME ON US.

screamy mimi said...

YES! SHE DOES THAT THING!!! LOL Usually it's when I'm carrying a box or something large in the other hand (or my latte...) and I'm like aaaaaaaaah slipping baby! She's just really amused by it.

We would love to get together with you guys--lunch, dinner, whatever! I know Justin has peeked in our your blog and is taken with your beautiful (and nerdy--YAY) family. I don't know how convenient the place is, but the Pizookie has haunted my dreams every since you wrote about it...

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