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Saturday, April 11, 2009




Often when Evelyn is getting sleepy I'll set her in her swing and offer her something to look at/chew on to distract her while she drifts off. Some objects are more successful than others, obviously. Some get dropped off the side immediately; purposefully... Others get her worked up rather than soothed. It's quite often trial and error because the thing that worked perfectly yesterday is wrong today, but she seems to enjoy having something to do until she realizes that she actually is sleepy and drifts off.

I really enjoy watching her "read" her books. I was impressed when she first began turning pages a few months ago. It was one of the first major refinements in her motor skills and I was super proud. "My child can TURN PAGES!!!!!" I still find it awesome. :)

I'm going to get myself to bed tonight...I'm already stalling...Friday morning I got myself up at 5:30 purposefully to workout and shower BEFORE Evie rises. She's been getting up pretty predictably about 7 am, so I figured that would give me enough time. Once I was on the treadmill I felt AWESOME. I was so proud of myself for getting up and amazed to be exercised, showered, and dressed all by 6:45, around which time E woke. I felt great until about 3pm when I really started to crash, but I chose not to nap, and by the time Justin called that night my brain was mushier than Evelyn's baby squash. I chose to skip this morning, but plan to drag myself out of bed again tomorrow. Wish me luck... I really think that this would be a great thing for me if I can adjust to it. I figure if I can suffer through about a week of dragging myself out of bed, I'll start to adjust to the schedule shift and it will become easier. I'll keep you posted. Hopefully you'll keep me honest...


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