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Sunday, April 19, 2009

At least we know Chokydar is getting her daily dose of Iron




I've had these shots in my cue to get posted for some time now. I am really pleased with how they turned out, although the calm serenity that they project isn't exactly representative of mealtimes. I should be clear, Evelyn really is a surprisingly polite baby, but she's just been the source of projectiles during meals lately. Whether it's from her mouth or a instead a barrage of flying Cheerios launched from the counter, she is having fun experimenting with her food. Chokydar is thrilled. I'm going to need to develop a new strategy for laying out the Cheerios because Evelyn has caught on that Choky likes them, and when I make a little pile on the counter, Evie now sweeps them cleanly onto the floor and proceeds to watch with glee as Chokydar consumes them.


Write Softly said...

My niece (who is 10 months old) does the SAME thing with the family dog -- delights in feeding it. So funny.

And when did your little princess become such a big girl? These pics make her look so grown-up. I still want to munch on her round cheeks, though.

Christa L. said...

Perhaps your little Evie is learning the art of control and manipulation at a very young age. I don't mean that in a cynical way either. (Surprising, I know.) Before you know Choky and Evie will be best friends, getting into insurmountable mischief and mayhem that you'll never know all the details to. But there's one thing you can bet one, Evie will have egged Choky on and the dog's reward? Cheerios. Your reward? A happy heart-healthy Cheerio addicted pup and great stories to laugh about when you crawl in to bed each night with your hubby. Pretty good deal. .... If you don't care about all the mud on the floor or the broken whoesy-ma-what you still haven't found under the couch. ;-)

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