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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

You know your dog is spoiled when...

10. She sleeps in your bed.
9. Someone has home-made dog treats for her.
8. You blow dry her hair after a bath.
7. You towel dry her feet after she comes in from the wet outdoors (or wait...does this belong on the "You know you're anal when..." list?)
6. She's been to eight different countries, including one you haven't been to yourself.
5. You sing songs about her.
4. She controls your social life, i.e. who is allowed in your house.
3. You made her a Christmas stocking of her own.
2. You have actual stocking stuffers for said stocking.

And my favorite, a recent development...

1. After accompanying you to the nursery for mid-night baby feedings, she wants you to LIFT HER BACK INTO BED rather than jumping up herself.


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