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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Boxes. More Boxes. Even More Boxes.

Evie- December 2008 06 130a

Evie- December 2008 06 133a

Evie- December 2008 06 136a

Evie- December 2008 06 138a

Evie- December 2008 06 148a

Evie- December 2008 06 149a

Evie- December 2008 06 154a

Evie- December 2008 06 164a

Evie- December 2008 06 173a

Evie- December 2008 06 175a

Evie- December 2008 06 176a

Evie- December 2008 06 177a

Evie- December 2008 06 179a

Evie- December 2008 06 180a

Most likely only Justin and Jake get that title. It's a reference to very corny (but VERY wonderful) science fiction, but in this case is basically it's my introduction for even more Christmas pictures of Evelyn. I took tons of them and so many of them are even quite similar, but I love each of them because they've captured slightly different looks. A moment. A precious moment.

I was just musing on this and realized how grateful I am for the technology that makes this possible. Before digital cameras, every picture you snapped counted, and you had no idea how they might have turned out. You were limited by the amount of film in your camera and subject to the cost of developing the roll if you wanted to view the resulting images. I just know I wouldn't be taking anywhere near the number of pictures I am were it not for the ease of the whole digital process. As it is now, I know immediately if I've gotten a good shot, and am almost instantly able to pull them up on the computer and share them with loved ones literally around the world. Amazing.

Even more amazing is to think that Evelyn will never know life before this level of technology...digital cameras, the internet, blogs...and I'm sure SO much more yet to come. I'm reminded of a conversation with an elementary school student when I was working in the library on post. Somehow the idea of a card catalog came up, and I struggled to explain the concept in a way that this child could grasp.

"Instead of all the information being on the computer, you had index cards with all the data written on them. The author's name, the title, all of it."

"Didn't that take up a lot of space??"

"Yeah, I suppose a bit of space. Much more than in a computer."

"But how could you find what you're looking for?"

"Well, they were organized alphabetically, so you could find things because they were in a specific order."

"But...that would take FOREVER!"

I was totally amused and taken aback by the reality that this child could scarcely imagine a world before search engines.

Anyway, all that to say, I'm really glad that the number of images from Evelyn's childhood I can capture are only limited by how quickly she moves, how fast she grows, and the size of my hard drive.


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