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Thursday, December 11, 2008

With me it's all er nuthin'

If you are or are acquainted with a musical theater geek, you know what it is to randomly burst into song at any given point during the day. Musical theater geeks will agree with me that for an amazing number of life events, there are correspondingly appropriate musical lyrics, just waiting to be applied.

In today's example, I call on the musical "Oklahoma" and quote Will when he sings,

With me it's all er nuthin'.
Is it all er nuthin' with you?
It cain't be "in between"
It cain't be "now and then"
No half and half [sweets eating] will do!

Ok, he says "romance." No half and half romance will do. For me, the problem lies elsewhere. I have a sweet tooth like you can hardly imagine, and it gets me into trouble. I could go WAY back to tell you about all my history with food, but suffice it to say, I've struggled with my weight in the past, and it's something I will probably always work on, making sure I stay within the normal range.

After working my way out of childhood obesity, I set for myself a max weight limit, so that I would be sure to never slowly creep my way into obesity. Of course with my pregnancy this limit was cast aside, being only 15 lbs over my ideal weight.

I put on much more than the recommended pregnancy weight gain--60 lbs to be exact, and I've been working really hard to chisel away at the excess over the last 4 months. So far I've lost 37 lbs, and today for the first time I fit into jeans I wore pre-pregnancy. I'm thrilled to say the least.

I made it through Thanksgiving with out too much temptation, but the Christmas season is threatening my resolve. I was doing a bit of baking to send Justin Christmas cookies, and naturally ate some myself. Okay, more than just some. Like my Oklahoma lyrics, I have a hard time saying "when" when it comes to sweets, and finally had to cut myself off. No more baking for me, or I risk wrecking a fair bit of my progress.

I've decided I can do baking on Christmas Eve and Christmas itself if I desire, but not before, and whatever I haven't eaten by the 26th, I'll have to give away.

Is it bizarre I have to regulate myself in this fashion? Probably.


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