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Monday, December 29, 2008


Evie- December 2008 07 002a

Evie- December 2008 07 003a

Evie- December 2008 07 005a

On Saturday we entered into the brave new world of "solid" food. This is slightly a misnomer as the rice cereal "solid" is only slightly moreso than plain ol' breast milk. Trying to avoid super bulky gear, I opted for this tabletop latching high chair, and although it ended up not working on our table, it fits nicely on the counter in the kitchen, which will probably make for easier clean up anyway.

Evie is really enjoying sitting in her new chair, and even more, enjoying this new experience of eating something from a spoon. I had been waiting to start her on solids, more because of my nervousness and the convenience of self-produced food than anything else. The last couple of weeks I thought she had started to really show signs of being ready to try some solid food. She eyes me intently as I eat, sometimes moving her mouth and lolling her tongue longingly. It's the same sort of look I get when I think about chocolate (mmmmmchocolatemmmmm)...

Ahem. That, and she has started assisting me with the administration of her daily vitamins. She gets a ml dropper full daily and lately she's begun to guide my hand to her mouth. Quite clever. So, on Saturday I got everything ready and we set off. I think she's actually far better at eating than I am at feeding her at this point. We spent a while experimenting...spoon straight on? spoon to the side? hmmm... I think it confused her most when I tried scooping up the excess around her mouth with the spoon. "Now you're missing my mouth entirely, mother. That's my chin. You're not even close. Come on, now."


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