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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Making a grab for it

I'm off to bed, but I had to sit down and share this quick anecdote.

Lately Evie's been all about her hands. They are always on the go, and when they aren't lodged in her mouth they are wandering all over the place. While she's eating her topside arm and hand go flailing about, searching and exploring blindly in humorous juxtaposition to her otherwise state of pure calm. There's not that much to explore while she's eating, but she enthusiastically fingers my shirt and if I look down she can reach to explore my face as well. You have to be careful or you'll end up with baby fingers in your mouth or up your nose.

Well, our bedtime routine is such that I nurse her in the dark, sitting in "The Pink Chair," one of my grandmother's old recliners, change her diaper and clothes half way through, and then continue nursing until she starts showing signs of really falling off to sleep. At that point we get up and move our way across the room to her crib. Sometimes she is still nursing at this point, as she was tonight.

So there I was, looking down at her, getting a bit drowsy myself, when BAM! Stealth Baby reached up and latched on to my glasses. She's practically asleep at this point, except for the probing arm, and both of my hands are full, holding her aloft. You can imagine my expression as I stood there helpless in the dark. I'm slowing rocking my head back and forth, hoping that she'll release her death grip and not pull my glasses off my face thereby undoubtedly waking her up and sending my glasses plummeting to the floor.

It worked....this time. :)


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