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Monday, November 17, 2008

What exactly do you plan to do with that needle?

Today Evelyn had her 4 month well visit and, of course, the shots that accompany it. Squishy was a little confused by me waking her up for a change to make our early morning appointment. We got ready and headed out to the car where I discovered I should have built in a few extra minutes for scraping ice from the windshield. We were still 10 minutes early for the appointment thankfully.

The check up portion was fine. The doctor said Evie looks really great and that I'm doing a great job (always good to hear!). She's right on par with her height and weight for her age. After the check up we headed down the hall to the immunization room. Our last (and first) shot experience at 2 months was slightly traumatic, both for Evie and me. She wailed like a banshee for about 15 minutes after the shots were given and proceeded to be either asleep or miserable the rest of the day. By nightfall she was a warm but otherwise relatively recognizable version of my baby. This time it seems (knock on wood) to be going considerably better.

There were two other families in the immunization waiting room. We wheeled in and unpacked ourselves, Evie sitting on my lap. Things were quiet--you know how it is in a waiting room or elevator where people speak in hushed tones--and so it came as a huge surprise when Evelyn let out an A-bomb class pooty noise. This was a noise worthy of a 300 pound man, and the second of silence that followed it was broken by an outburst of laughter by everyone in the room. We all laughed for at least a minute, which caused Evie to join in with a huge grin of her own. Too, too funny.

The immunization nurse is really great and makes an unpleasant experience as pleasant as possible. As soon as the first shot was given Evie burst into her trademark banshee wail, turning tomato face red and testing her lung capacity and our hearing. Our nurse moved swiftly and I was soon able to scoop Squish up in my arms, where she was able to calm down after just a minute--a vast improvement over last time. I decided to join the fun and got a flu shot myself. Yay. By the time we got back to the car, Evelyn was out like a light and remained so all the way home, even through a quick trip to the mail room. This NEVER happens. Evie doesn't do sleep in public. When we got home, she awoke, but was pleasantly drowsy, ate and even played a little before falling back asleep, all smiles.


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