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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Four months old today!

Evie- November 2008 04 031a

Evie- November 2008 04 027a

Evie- November 2008 04 023a

Dear Evelyn,

November? November?? Weren’t you born in July? Where has this year gone? I can’t believe you’re four months old today.

It’s been another jam packed month, baby. On one hand it’s gone by in the blink of an eye and on the other October seems light years away. You started out your 4th month kinda rocky. You’re a fantastic baby. I don’t have any other babies to compare you to, but so far as I can tell, you’re incredible. Because your daddy has to be away and I’m flying solo, I am so astutely aware of how kind you are to me by not crying excessively and having good sleep habits. This being the case, when you do have a rough patch, it really sticks out in comparison. When you go through a growth spurt it really kicks your butt and you make sure I know about it. You go from sleeping basically through the night to waking 3-4 times. It’s exhausting for me and I know it must be for you too, because you turn around and make up for lost sleep during the day.

Of course you're growing; you weigh 14.1 lbs now and I'm starting to look for other ways to carry you besides in the car seat carrier. That thing is getting really cumbersome.

You have a bunch of new tricks this month, Evie. You haven’t quite yet mastered rolling over. Your arms are getting in the way…pesky arms. You make it three-fourths of the way and hit the old arm-road-block. One of these days you’ll figure out what to do with them and then there will be no stopping you. You’ve begun scooting on your back, just by thrusting your legs heel first into the ground. You can maneuver 90 degrees in the crib and considerable inches on any flat surface. Your motor skills are improving in general and you now have this great move where you pull your hand through your fluffy little fluff head of hair. It is such a grown up little action, it cracks me up.

You’re more sensitive to sounds now. Early in the month you began to be frightened by Chokydar’s barking. I can’t blame you—she is loud. Honestly, I’m surprised it took you as long as it has to be startled by her. When Choky first started scaring you it would induce tears, but now you’re a little hardened to it. Her impromptu maniacal barking will shock you, but you’re easily soothed by me mocking her. Your tiny scared face changes to a grin when I respond to her nonsense with a quiet “woof woof woof woof woof” meant just for you. I think it’s a little therapeutic for me too when she won’t stop. You’re more interested in where sounds are originating and you can be soothed more readily by the sound of my voice.

You cried when I left you with Julia earlier this month to run a few errands. Definitely nothing against Julia—you just now are showing real preference for me, and kid, I have to say, after those first few months of blank staring, it is wonderful to have another little sign you love me in return. New people can be scary to you, and a couple of times well intended admirers have pushed you to tears trying to get you to smile.

If you do honor someone with a smile, it is a sight to behold. Your gummy grin is eye-wateringly beautiful and this month it was joined by the newly developed “half-giggle.” I say half-giggle because it is not quite fully realized, but it is obviously the first step toward a whole hearted guffaw. It is short—usually about three little “heh heh heh”s when the gummy grin is overwhelmed with the joy of the moment—but powerful.

Along with the half-giggle, your repertoire of sounds has expanded once again this month. My favorite new sound is a variation on the “th” sound. It’s hard to describe, but there’s a lot of tongue action and often ends in bubble blowing. You’re really cooing now, and often you’ll stop mid-meal to look up at me, have a little conversation and then dive back (seriously head first) to continue nursing.

Daddy got a set of headphones this month and has been able to watch and listen to us on Skype. He is amazed by how much you’ve grown and all the progress you’re making. He loves you so much and can’t wait to come home to us. You’re going to love him too. He’s better at rough housing than me—just ask Chokydar.

Sweet, sweet Evelyn, the seed of love that was planted in my heart when you were born has fully bloomed, and the roots are inextricably intertwined. I love you more every day.



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