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Friday, March 27, 2009

40 ways to say adorable...

It's been in the back of my head for months now, ever since seeing this post on Write Softly that I need to chronicle all of Evelyn's nicknames--or as many as I can remember...

  • Evie (obviously)
  • Evie Babes
  • Eves
  • Angry Tomato

Angry Tomato

Angry Tomato

  • Squishy
  • Squishy Babe
  • Squishyton
  • Squishybee
  • Squishy Peterson
  • The Squish
  • Lady Squish/Squishyton/Squishybee
  • Squishycalafragalisticexpialadocious (is there a theme developing?)
  • Fancy Pants
  • Kicky Peterson
  • Magpie
  • Baby Lady
  • Miss E
  • E
  • Lovey Babe
  • Pooper
  • Poopy Pants
  • Fussy Pants

Angry Tomato

  • Pretty Baby
  • Webbigail (originated by Justin)
  • Fluffy Head

Fluffy Head

  • Clever Girl
  • Wiggle
  • Wiggle Worm
  • Popkins
  • Tiny
  • Tiny Squish
  • Tiny Gurgle
  • Squeaker
  • Giggle
  • Monster (originated by Justin)
  • The Percolator
  • Missy Squishy (Thanks, J! I can't believe I almost forgot that one!)
  • Koala
  • Lobster


  • Squishy Burrito (This one came about after Jennifer Gilbert's comment on this look:


and the nickname is actually often sung in place of "Baby Beluga" to the same tune. "Squishy Burrito in the deep blue sea..." Don't ask me how this was started...Justin needs to come home to bring some sanity to this household. ;)


Michael said...

I have to say I like Popkins and The Percolator the best. Also wanted to say hi and that I look forward to when we get to see you again!

Write Softly said...

Don't forget Missy Squishy, which is how we heard you refer to her on video, and therefore how husband and I refer to her always. :)

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