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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

In which we could all use a nap. Except Chokydar. Chokydar always is ready to go.

Talk about Pulling a Matterhorn...

I don't know why, but I stayed up waaaay too late last night writing that post about the Matterhorn. There was no reason it needed to be posted yesterday, but once I got going I couldn't seem to stop. Also I guess, Evie was more difficult to get to bed than usual. It's so hard to have a "difficult " night when I've become SO spoiled to the routine where she just nurses and then immediately goes to sleep when I lay her in the crib. It serves as a reminder to how lucky I have it most of the time. Still, it's no fun when she just won't go down.

For some reason too, I've been having difficultly sleeping a bit lately. Some nights I lay awake thinking about mundane things that are on my list of "to-dos." The list stays much the same from day to day and I just keep going over and over it in my head.

I've been having disturbing dreams too, and one earlier this week was so frightening that I actually have been a bit spooked by it and am slightly fearful when I get tired that it will revisit me.

So today I was extra tired from my lack of sleep and hoped to catch a nap during Evie's morning lie down. Unfortunately, she didn't take a nap this morning and my day never got off the ground. I was too tired (and lazy) to attempt a workout and never got a shower squeezed in, so I feel all gross. I don't know why I ever skip a day working out. I ALWAYS feel better having done it, but it's so easy to talk myself out of it when I'm tired. It's funny, although it makes perfect sense, how we feed off of eachother on days like this. She's extra tired and would benefit from me having more energy to distract and amuse her, but of course, I'm extra tired and would benefit from her being cooperative (and NAPPING!).


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