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Sunday, March 1, 2009

February 2006- Aachen

Statue in Aachen


Model of Palatine Chapel

Outside Palatine Chapel

Chandelier and arches

Mosaic and Striated Arch

Zoom on Mary

Okay, these are from 2006 as well. We were rushing to squeeze in as many trips as we could before Justin deployed, and on one long weekend we drove up to Aachen, Germany and then over into Belgium to Brussels. These pictures are all from Aachen. The Palatine Chapel there is a major building in art history and was something of a personal mecca for me. I'd really loved studying it and it was so exciting to get to see it first hand.

So much of travel for me is about the art/architecture and the food. I've really always known this about myself, but it's fun to see it so clearly in the things I photograph too...

Elephant Cookie!

German Favorites


Anonymous said...

Michele, I love Aachen and love the Fussgängerzone (pedestrian zone) and the city is known for the many foundtains it has. That's the part I liked. I enjoy your photos and have been where you have and enjoyed some of the same things. Love, Pam

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