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Monday, June 1, 2009

Granny Progress

My granny buddy

My granny buddy

111 squares

The granny afghan continues to grow. I have 10 rows x 11 rows now, making for 110 little squares. I think when I finish this project it would be wise to do another pattern (maybe a ripple!), but this one is so addicting--it's just like popping popcorn. One more. Just one more. Okay, one more. They make up so quickly and it's so fun deciding which color to add on next. I think I have one instance where there are two squares using the exact same color combination, but I think all the others are unique variations.

I haven't yet decided how big I'm going to make this one. I love blankets and I always seem to make them HUGE. Shouldn't blankets be big enough so that they can cover two cuddling?


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