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Monday, June 15, 2009

Eleven months old today!!!

Evie B,

This month’s primary nickname has emerged as “B” or “Evie B” or one of several other variations on the theme. “B” is multipurpose—is it for bumblebee? Baby? Beautiful? All of the above. Likewise B, you are developing many new faces, and I can’t soak up enough of you.

Your daddy is home. He came home on the 22nd of May and this is the first of your “birthdays” for which he is present. You and he have adjusted better than I could have dreamed to one another, and although you still prefer me for certain things (nobody does comforting like Momma), your eyes light up when you see your daddy of a morning. As I’m writing this letter to you I’ve just asked him if he can think of additional things about you he’s noticed that I should add—“Umm…just that she’s freakin’ AWESOME.” You cannot imagine how much he loves you. I think even he is surprised by it.

With so many friends now home, we’ve been doing more socializing than we were before, and you are such a trooper. (Nearly) Always polite, quiet, and bright eyed, you charm guests and enjoy watching the grown-ups interact and visit. The only difficulty is because you want to go until you drop; you’re an energizer bunny and it is very difficult to tear you away from the fun for some much needed rest. It’s been unchartered territory in many ways this month, adjusting to a New Old way of life. It is new and sometimes difficult and a bit frustrating at times, but I’ve never been happier in my entire life.

You are growing and learning so much every day. Your father has commented that you’ve gotten noticeably bigger even since he’s been home. You certainly are a handful these days. You are so close to walking now—pulling up is so easy it’s a joke to you now and you cruise from furniture to helping hands to boxes to Chokydar with such rapidity I know your first unassisted steps are near. You are daring in your exploration, and have managed some really impressive feats—using a box to climb on in order to get to things otherwise out of reach on the ottoman, for instance. You are such a clever girl and squeal with a glance over your shoulder, mischievous gleam in your eyes and a sweet smile on your lips when you are called out before doing something out of bounds. You smile and giggle, then turn to scoot off for something else of interest, most likely also out of bounds.

You’re babbling more and more these days, and “mama” and “dada” are frequently heard, if not particularly assigned to the proper parent. I have the very distinct impression, however, that you understand more of what I’m saying. Your facial expression changes not only in response to my tone, but also certain words. It’s incredible and has me suddenly very conscious of everything I say.

With your daddy home, I am now turning my attention to the coming months and the preparation for our return to the states. It promises to be a busy time, squeezing in some last travel opportunities, planning for a trans-Atlantic move, and saying goodbye to friends and the only home you’ve known. I am so grateful for your flexibility and easy going spirit—I think you will take the changes and excitement in stride.

I cannot believe that next month you will be a year old. The time is really slipping by now. I feel as though I blink and another week has been whisked away. We see babies out around post with their parents walking like newborn colts and know you are not far behind. The changes that will come in this next year are sure to happen so fast, it blows my mind.




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