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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Meh. Here are some pictures.

juice please


our house

Ouch. I woke up yesterday morning to workout (like a good little girl) and have been paying for it ever since. No wonder I stopped working out. It hurts!! And not like a normal, mmmm that's a good burn hurt, like, I would rather have Chokydar gnaw off my leg than go up these stairs one more time kind of hurt. I actually ache lying still. Like breathing makes me feel the soreness. I think working out again will help (?!?!) but I'm not sure how to manage that given my level of ouch.

As it would follow then, today has been less than stellar. I'm really tired (and did I mention achey?) and my motivation is pretty low. A couple of days ago, however, I did manage to get the kitchen put away and took some pictures of the kitchen, living room, and breakfast nook. I'd eventually like to get a couple of arm chairs to face the fireplace (which reminds me--Evie now calls fire trucks "fireplace cars") and hang some prints/art/photos/something on the wall.


Kyla said...

It looks awesome. You have a great eye for decorating, I do not. ;)

Also, I love the word "Meh", I find it to be extremely descriptive of a particular feeling.

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