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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's Whirlwind Time

Top row: Dover white, Nuance, Useful Gray, Analytical Gray
Bottom row: Ice Cube, Big Chill, Light French Gray

Those are paint colors from Sherwin-Williams as pictured above. The sad part is I made that picture myself for comparison and that I recalled the color names by memory.

Why, you ask, am I memorizing and obsessing over shades of gray paint? Because we're in the process of buying a house.

Yep. You heard that right.

Buying a house.

Two weeks ago we thought we would rent while living in Colorado Springs, but a handful of reasons avalanched on us and caused up abruptly to change our minds. In the span of about 3 days we went from thinking buying a house wasn't for us at this time to negotiating a contract. Crazy doesn't even begin to describe this whole ordeal, and while I am confident that this is a good decision, I can't help but be scared out of my mind by the whole thing.

Because of our schedules and the short time frame we're working in, we are not able to actually go and see the house. So yeah, we're buying a new house, sight unseen. Still crazy. Still a good idea. We're really excited about it and it feels both a bit overwhelming and also surprisingly normal. Sometimes I think it's not the big life decisions that stress me most, but rather little ones which I agonize over. The home is under construction and we'll be able to pick many of the design elements (limited by our budget) by looking at samples via e-mail mostly.

If all goes well we should close by June 30.

In the mean time, Justin will graduate from career course, we'll have another baby2 check up, we've got to pack up and move in the coming week, drive 8 hours to Houston, have family and business time in a matter of days, and road trip back up to Colorado through San Antonio, Carlsbad (NM), and Santa Fe for a total of about 1700 miles.

Did I mention we don't know where we will live in Colorado Springs until the house is completed?

I feel surprisingly good.

Oh, and my favorite color is Big Chill, although I just found out, it's not one of my options. Sigh. Now I'm thinking Nuance.


Mikey said...

Dover white sticks out to me, but I like warm colors (remember the crazy color of my house? Desert Sand I think...). Hope we get to see you guys when you swing back through. I've got some more things for Justin to try!

Kyla said...

Good luck!!!

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