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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

La la la la! La la la la! Evie's words!

First of all, if you caught the reference in the title, I'm sorry.

And now, on to the list. These are most of the words that I can recall Evie now says unprompted. First, her version and then in parenthesis the actual word, in case for some reason it is unclear to you what she's saying:

  • Day-too! (thank you!)
  • El-com (you're welcome)
  • Ma-ie (Mommy)
  • Daa-ie (Daddy)
  • Dar (Chokydar)
  • Elmo (Elmo)
  • Boh/boht (bottle)
  • Peat! (please!)
  • Book (book)
  • Boot (hippopotamus. No, I'm just kidding. Boot.)
  • Shu (shoe)
  • Bebe (Bebe)
  • Pou-puh (Pound Puppy)
  • Bye (bye)
  • Hi (hi)
  • Pa-ie (potty)
  • No (NO)
  • DES! (yes)
  • Doos (juice)
  • Meow (meow)
  • oof (woof)
  • dun! (done)
  • gara (garage)
  • ipah (iPod)
  • bana (banana)
  • mote (remote)
  • ibow (eyebrow)
  • iye (eye)
  • mou (mouth)
  • nos (nose)
  • buhsh (brush)
  • wshh (wash)
  • fnn (fan)
  • down (down)
  • UH UH! (whatever she is pointing at...)
I'm sure I'm missing a few...perhaps I'll come back and add them as they come to me.


Kyla said...

Their little words are so cute! I love that she knows iPod. ;)

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