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Thursday, July 22, 2010

28 Weeks

I found a photography series via Oh Dee Doh today called The Walk to 40 Weeks by The Panic Room and felt immediately inspired and guilty.

This beautiful series chronicles one woman's pregnancy from week 16 to the birth of their son. I love the creativity of it being staged as a walk, capturing the journey aspect of a pregnancy, and I love this gorgeous woman's maternity fashion. Where, oh where, did she find these non-frumpy gems?

The guilty part comes in as today marks my 28th week with our second. With Evelyn, I faithfully took simple pictures every few weeks chronicling my growing tummy, although that was before I had returned to maintaining this blog, so they never saw the light of day. Here's me at 28 weeks with Evie:

28 weeksEvie

And so, today I took a couple of quick shots to capture part of this pregnancy. I know the second child is supposed to kind of get ripped off in terms of sentimental documentation, but I hope to do a little better for the poor dear...



Kyla said...

KayTar's life has been photo documented much better than poor BubTar's was. He was the practice child in some ways like that. They both have tons of photos these days, but I learned from the lack of early life photos I took with him and greatly increase the number subsequently.

Rich and Stephanie said...

Michele, just wanted to tell you that you look beautiful! Can't wait to see pitures of Baby #2 with her big sis!

suzyq5477 said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Michele! We hope you had a great day! I truly know what you mean about turning 27! It has been sometime ago, but I remember the feeling! Please let us know your address and phone # and Justin's when he is settled, ok? Hugs to you all! Uncle Tim and Aunt Pam

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