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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wrist action

wrist work

wrist work

wrist work

wrist work

wrist work

Justin gave me some fantastic yarn as part of my Christmas present. He chose several colors, and got me one skein in each, so I needed a project that would not require too much yarn. After long admiring Sandra Juto's Wrist Worms, I thought I would try my hand making something similar for myself.

It took me several tries, experimenting with different stitches, circumferences and lengths, but I finally arrived at a pattern that works for me. I chose to make mine are lengthier than Sandra's, but I wanted to retain the beautiful simplicity of her design.

Sadly, for both the heathered grey and the burnt orange colors, I need a second skein in order to have one for each hand! I'd rush to order another, but Justin and I are experimenting with a personal spending hiatus in order to focus on what we already have (but that's another story...), so I'll have to wait a little while in order to complete the pairs.

I suppose, however, that really I'm just fine with only one for now, seeing as my left wrist is living in a brace these days. I was diagnosed with tenosynovitis last week when I finally broke down and saw the doctor after about 6 months of chronic wrist pain. It's been mostly in my left hand, although my right hand will occasionally begin to hurt too. It's funny to me, because Justin and I had termed it "Mommy Wrist," to know that apparently it's a common ailment among mothers because of all that baby-liftin'. I am supposed to wear the brace for three weeks. If there has not been improvement by that point they do a steroid injection into the place where the tendons are inflamed. Yikes! I am looking to avoid that, so I've been dutifully wearing my brace, although I feel rather silly doing so as it is such a lame injury. People have been asking me with concern what happened and I feel sheepish giving the ultimately boring explanation of "inflamed tendons from baby lifting."

I was thinking of spicing up my explanation...maybe instead I could tell of...arm wrestling with Katee Sackhoff...my new hobby watermelon juggling...or an unfortunate encounter with a wild turkey at the OKC zoo.


Write Softly said...

(Sighs.) So pretty ...

arielle130 said...

loving the wrist warmers! not loving the tenosynovitis! dunk in warm water w/ epsom salts for around 10 minutes twice a day. should help with the inflammation and pain.

feel better!

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