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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sixteen months, three days ago.

Dear Evelyn,

I'm going to be better. I did not write you a fourteen or fifteen month letter, and when I realized that Sunday was your 16 month marker I made up my mind to write you a letter this month. I figured I'd better catch up on where I left off, so I went back to read the last letter (13 months) and Evie, do you know what happened? I'm crying. I'm crying now, because you're growing up so fast. Right before my eyes, honey, and I'm amazed and proud and terrified. When last I wrote, you were not yet walking.

And now?
You are running.
You are dancing to theme songs.
You love to try on hats.
You help me to dress you.
You have a limited amount a patience (as opposed to none at all).
You "read" books by yourself.
You "talk" all the time.
You mimic things that we do.
You do movements along to the songs we sing.
You want to help me with everything I'm doing. Sometimes this is helpful and sometimes just "helpful."
You can open and operate a variety of cell phones. And flip car keys.
You give Chokydar kisses.
You have a favorite stuffed animal (the pound puppy that was mine as a child).
You LOVE drinking from "normal people" glasses.
You kiss yourself in mirrors.
You love carrying around pillows so as to have a convenient place to fall over laughing.
You have a love bordering on obsession with my grandmother's Huphrey Hug-a-bear that I know would bring her no end of joy.
You understand most instructions and we've started to discipline you in earnest.
You give koala bear hugs where you stick on our necks tighter than velcro.
You are a major problem solver.
You love opening and closing cabinets.
You also love hiding things in cabinets. This has led me to ask you where missing items might be, and you are 1) not only able to recognize the question but also 2) sometimes able to find the item. Evelyn, this is amazing.
You have empathy for Chokydar when she's worried or barking. You say "Uh oooooh!" when you drop something.

You light up our lives and bring us indescribable joy.




Write Softly said...

Oh, girl. I could cry too. She is a LITTLE GIRL now. My gah, how did that happen?

When my husband wants to make me cry, all he has to do is say, "pre-school." I can't believe our little man will be two in January.

The scary thing is, I think we walked into this knowing it would go fast, and we did everything we could to make it last, to soak it up. And it still wasn't enough.

She is lovely. You guys are all perfect together. MISS y'all.

Kyla said...

They do grow so fast! You blink and BAM, you have a 7 and almost 5 year old. How does it happen?!

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