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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Almost there...

baby and granny

baby and granny

baby and granny

baby and granny

baby and granny

baby and granny

baby and granny

We're making progress on a lot of fronts here lately. We're less than 20 days out from our flight back to the states now, I'm up to 13x13 rows on my blanket and, most exciting of all, Evie has taken one or two steps on her own!

Check out the video with Evie almost walking!! She is so close now! We flipped out the other day when she took two tiny steps hands free to get from the coffee table to the travel crib. She doesn't make an attempt all the time, but I just know it's coming soon...

I've decided to add two more columns and maybe 4-6 more rows on the blanket, although I think that will make it larger than most throws. I am a sucker for oversized blankets, though, and I figure I can make another--perhaps in fancier yarn--that is more "normal" sized.

The second move date is this coming Thursday, and I'd love to finish the blanket by then, althoguh there's no practical reason why it would ship better finished rather than incomplete. I'll still have remaining yarn either way; I already have ideas on what to do next.

I've been treading water, so to speak, in so many ways the last few weeks, having to wait on many of the things that are left to do before leaving. I've been cleaning around the apartment, but all the major cleaning needs to wait until closer to our clear date, otherwise I'll just need to do it all again. I'm anxious to get more information about buying our car--I contacted Houston VW dealerships back in July to get preliminary info, but now I'm waiting for the end of August to see what deals and incentives will be available in September for us. All exciting things. All teaching me patience. Or at least making me wait.


Kyla said...

Awww, those milestones are so exciting! We had to wait 25 months for KayTar to walk...we practically had a parade one it happened. LOL.

Good luck with the move!

christine choi said...

hi there, love your blanket! i am also a SAHM & have been wanting to learn to crochet. would u happen to have a pattern u could post for this lovely granny square?

screamy mimi said...

Hi Christine! I do plan to do a tutorial for this blanket. We're in the middle of a move, so it may take a little while, but stay tuned! Thank you for your comment and interest!

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