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Monday, July 27, 2009

Tooth Fairy Bags from the Purl Bee

Evelyn has been two-toothed now for a few months, but until today there hasn't been any sign of more to come. Until today. I can see the makings of two more teeth, her top front ones getting ready to take center stage. Exciting!

As if in honor of this occurance, I came across this cute craft project idea on the Purl Bee today. It will be quite some time before we need these in our house, but I'll keep them in mind for the future! From Molly's Sketchbook, I give you The Purl Bee's Tooth Fairy Bags.


Kyla said...

What a well-timed post! KayTar is only 4, but she lost her first tooth this weekend! Those bags are so cute!

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