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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Day Seven.

It's been a full week since my last post, and miraculously I have woken every single day for an entire week at 5 am to workout! I am really proud of myself and I also can tell that there is a great improvement in my energy; although I do have a pretty nasty midday slump. If I'm able to take a nap when Evie does I feel better, but I hate loosing that time in which I could be doing something else and often I find I'm not ready for bed by 9 if I've had an afternoon nap. If I don't take a nap I'm MORE than ready for bed at 9 pm.

I'm also starting the second trimester of this pregnancy. Where did the first one go? I remember with Evie it seemed to take forever for the days and weeks to pass because I'd sit counting days and reading about fingernail growth and what size fruit she currently most resembled. I guess mostly because of her now I just don't have the time to do that, plus of course having been through a pregnancy before it's not quite as disorienting. I plan to start taking bi-monthly pictures or so to chart tummy growth; I did that last time, although I wasn't keeping the blog at the time. I've heard that women often "show" sooner in subsequent pregnancies, and I'm interested to see if that holds true for me. I really didn't look pregnant until about 32 weeks or so. Until then I just looked bloated, and I was endlessly amused by the number of people who were obviously confused by the question of whether I was pregnant or just overweight. My favorite time was when the optometrist I saw somewhere around 7 or 8 months pregnant asked if I were taking any supplements or special vitamins, hoping to get me to admit to taking prenatal vitamins and thus settle the question of my status. Poor man, I can only assume he'd wrongly guessed that a woman was pregnant before and was desperate to avoid the mistake again. He was so relieved when I said, "Why yes, I am taking prenatal vitamins," but was quite surprised to know how soon I was supposed to deliver.

Anyway, I will be pretty excited if this time around I look more gradually pregnant, and less like I've indulged in too many coffee cakes until weeks before delivery.


Anonymous said...

Michele, I can't wait to see pictures and hear about your pregnancy, especially because it's your second! Can't wait to hear what Evie thinks of her momma's growing belly!

Kyla said...

Wow! I'm impressed! I can't even get up for working out and I'm not gestating. LOL.

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